Meet Diane A-B (Dr. A-B)

Author, Educator, and Personal and Professional Development Coach

A simple woman who consciously wears many hats

I grew up on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. Within the safety of this island, my parents, Elbert and Elfreda Archer created unique spaces for each of their children to grow and achieve their goals and dreams. There were several occasions when I did not understand their methods; but today, I am thankful that they cared enough to provide such a space. I grew in this space from being a shy, unsure, complacent, young girl into a young woman filled with drive, creativity, and the strong desire to help others realize the power they had to change the most challenging trajectories of their lives. This continues to be a key component of my personal mission, and I truly believe it is my God-given purpose here on earth.

My desire to assist others to achieve their goals led me to the field of education. As an educator, I have had the privilege of teaching in both the island of Jamaica and the United States. In each of these contexts, I create a safe space for students to grow to be the best of themselves. This is not always an easy task; however, along the way, I learned that students will rise to the expectations we set for them and that despite their circumstances, they take several rich experiences to the learning environment that sometimes get overlooked, displaced, or cremated. I also learned that there are many individuals walking around with unused gifts and talents. This is why I am committed to helping others realize and take ownership of their unique strengths and talents – to achieve their desired levels of excellence.

My journey to becoming the person I am today had its own spells of doubt, insecurities, and obstacles. However, looking back, I believe I have always been the biggest obstacle to myself. For a long while, I was that complacent individual who said “no problem” for just too long. Also, because of my numerous insecurities, I allowed others to define how I looked, what I did, and how I did life. These perceptions were never forced on me; I just did not, for a long while understand who I was and what I had to share with others in my valuable space. Moreover, I was ambivalent about the innate power that I possessed. The experiences I had on my zigzag journey toward discovering my self-worth were sometimes empowering; however, I always felt that I was not accomplishing my true purpose. I grew from these experiences; and today, I am no longer that shy, unsure, complacent, young girl. Instead, I DAREd to evolve into a more confident, more decisive, and more determined woman with a strong commitment to empowering the individuals I meet to be the best of themselves. With that purpose in mind, my motto continues to be Committed to Educating, Inspiring and Empowering Individuals to Excel.

“Last but by no means least,” I am the proud and grateful alumna of six excellent educational giants; St. Thomas More Preparatory, Glenmuir High School, St. Joseph’s Teachers College (all three located in Jamaica), Santa Fe College, Nova Southeastern University and the University of Florida. Yes, it’s been a long ride to my “portrait” of excellence; but I am so happy I mended my bruises, kept my feet on the pedals, and never looked back (LOL).

My Favorite Quotes

None of us can change our yesterdays but all of us can change our tomorrows

Colin Powell

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

Mother Teresa

Most people live and die with their music. They never dare to try.

Mary Kay Ash

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